Tai Chi & Qi Gong


Tai chi and qi gong are internal healing practices that originated in China. They are both mind-body practices that feature slow movement and are sometimes referred to as "moving meditations." Tai chi and qi gong can be practiced safely by people of all abilities and the emphasis on even breathing, smooth movements, and a gently focused mind improve fitness, balance, and relaxation for practitioners of all ages.

Recent studies have offered strong evidence that tai chi prevents and treats -- often better than standard therapies -- an array of age-related health conditions. The Harvard Medical School recently identified tai chi as the very best exercise for improving balance.  Additional clinical evidence shows that tai chi improves strength, coordination, and endurance, improving cardiovascular fitness and health with similar results to a walking program, but with greater safety and less joint impact.  Tai chi has also been shown to reduce stress, improve mental focus, and memory.  It has been prescribed for patients with diabetes, osteoporosis, hypertension, Parkinson's, fibromyalgia, and arthritis. ‚Äč

More and more medical doctors are prescribing tai chi for their patients, and Ralph's students regularly report feeling better, stronger, and more relaxed sometimes after just one class.

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